They couldn’t believe it was the same!

I have had this filter for some time, but just now have been able to shoot you an email! We make homemade liquors every year. Limoncello is the main one and to make it we have to use Everclear grain alcohol which we dilute after being steeped. People usually go crazy for my husbands recipe. They say it’s better than any stuff you get in a store. My husband has always been a little more critical and he knew that there must be a way to improve the end result but not sure exactly HOW! He had resigned himself to the fact that if he really wanted SUPER PREMIUM Limoncello, smooth and luscious, he would have to use a decent vodka, thus increasing the price of production and making it almost pointless to make. I mean if I have to pay for Sky Vodka, I might as well just buy the Limoncello already made! I knew there must be a better way! After lots of research I found your product and being skeptical, I figured NO Way cant this thing do what it says..but if it does HALF of what it says were in great shape!
i got the thing in the mail and went right out to but a giant $5 bottle of vodka and some nasty tequila. When told the guy at the store what I was doing he thought I was crazy. YOU WANT TO DRINK TRIPLE FILTERED POPOV VODKA??WHYYYY???
Can I tell you that this thing is AMAZING! Everyone loved the filtered vodka and tequila..I mean when I had people taste the before stuff they couldn’t believe it was the same! Needless to say this has done amazing things to my Limoncello when i used this on that nasty Everclear! I even had a liquor store who likes to carry boutique brands offer to sell it for me if I could bottle it for sale! Danny Devito thinks he is so cool coming up with the idea to make Limoncello but we have been ahead of him for YEARS..and I must say my Limonecello is way ahead of his in TASTE thanks to YOU! No way he uses super premium liquor to make his…and the benefit of using the Grain alcohol is that you can dilute it to the exact ‘proof’ you want and we make ours just slightly less potent than rocket fuel!
This thing ROCKS! I am going to sign up for the refills for life program, now because I know I will be buying this for life…SERIOUSLY!

Julie in Somerville

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