All I can say is WOW

[13:47] dlt___: I got the filter….and all I can say is WOW
[13:47] dlt___: I heart it
[13:48] liquorfilter: what did you filter?
[13:48] dlt___: Smirnoff
[13:48] liquorfilter: you did a before and after, taste test?
[13:48] dlt___: I had a bottle of grey goose to taste test it with…beat it by far with just one filter
[13:48] liquorfilter: Cool man
[13:48] dlt___: Yea the smirnoff got left in the dust and so did grey goose
[13:49] liquorfilter: excellent, tell your friends
[13:49] liquorfilter: join boozecash too
[13:49] liquorfilter:
[13:49] liquorfilter: you can make some cash
[13:49] dlt___: No doubt
[13:51] dlt___: Cool
[13:51] liquorfilter: the gk3 had some small leaks, but this one seems to be liquortight
[13:51] dlt___: I love it man
[12:09] dlt___: Gray kangaroo= my new favorite best friend
[12:11] liquorfilter: excellent
[12:12] dlt___: Its amazing…seriously
[12:17] liquorfilter: I told you
[12:17] liquorfilter: join boozecash and talk it up
[12:18] dlt___: Yea I gotta join boozecash cuz I told plenty of people …


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