Collected exerpts from the reviews of a recent Yelp Event!

Gray Kangaroo…where have you been all my life? AMAZING!

The green grapefruity vodka concoction was deeelicious! And that filter thing… this is the first time I’ve ever had bottom shelf vodka and not been VIOLENTLY sick the next day. Where can I get one of those? Sheesh.

My alcoholic beverage of choice is vodka and I can assure you I’ve never gone anywhere and asked for the cheapest vodka one can get their hands on, but if everyone owned one of those Gray Kangaroo alcohol filters the world would truly be a better place.

The Gray Kangaroo filter thing was completely awesome I sure will become a staple in every frat house, who can’t love the Drunk work shirts their guys were sporting. Too funny. Event Link

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