Thanks for a truly amazing product.

I tried the GK for the first time last night, up until now I was just going on a friends advice that it was the next best thing). He thought I’d be interested in getting one, but being an entrepreneur and an avid drinker I decided that if it works that good, everyone will want one and I should become a reseller. Now I’m going to tell everyone I know about this thing not because I’m a reseller, but because it works (as your site says) fucking awesome. I filtered a bottle of McCormick six times, taste testing at each step. I would try a sip of the original McCormick, a sip of the test batch, and a sip of Skyy (my personal favorite) in that order to get an idea of how the filtering was progressing. At first I looked forward to the Skyy at the end to wash it all down, since it was a far smoother drink than either sample. After completely filtering the batch however, I was chasing the Skyy with the Gray Kangaroo batch. I never thought vodka could taste that smooth. I’m a lifer.

Nathan Wright