Great New Tip: Increase your filter life by dozens of bottles!!!

1531_PIC_s1_A_144_HD_vBThis just in! Our carbon distributor just gave us a excellent new trick to increase the life of your filter. When your filter is showing signs of reduced effectiveness you can put “a few pots” of boiling water through the filter. The hot water will rejuvenate the carbon inside and extend the life of your filter.

Also it should clear out residue that is left over from you filtering sugary liquors.

The way we would do it would be to boil water in a tea kettle and then pour it through the filter. Pour from two to four pots through then blow out the leftover water. Watch out for steam and burning yourself.

We sent this info to one of our beta-test houses in LA and this was the response we got:
“Go test a success!! Boiled the shit out of it. Then filtered UV vodka 4 times. Its delicious! !! ”


We’ve been testing this for months and it is amazing. OUr test cartridge still filters as good as brand new with optimal filtering happening after only 2 passes through the filter. Three passes gives an overfiltering which makes it TOO smooth!

New Best Practices for the GK

  • Carbon is best when it is primed before use. Priming the GK4 with very hot water is the best way to do this. It cleans, preps and activated the carbon in your filter for a great filtration effect.
  • Before each session. Run about a quart of boiling or near boiling water through the GK4. This activates the carbon. Let the hot water drain out and then blow the remaining hot water out.
  • Then filter your liquor as demonstrated in the product instructions.
  • After you’re done filtering, run some hot water through the unit. Let it drain and blow the water out before you put it away. This will make your filter last longer and work better by getting residual liquor out of the filter.
Before use, pour hot water through the filter to prime it.


  • We use electric tea kettle / hot water makers for this, they have them at walmart for around 10 bucks. Or you can use a stove top tea kettle.
  • Be careful when blowing the hot water out. You can get blow back and get a face full of hot water or steam and be disfigured or die so be warned. Don’t blow the hot water out when it’s very hot. Let it drain out and blow gently at first so you don’t get hurt. Also the hot water is hot when it comes out of the other side so don’t burn yourself / anyone else with it.
  • You don’t have to do the hot water thing every time, but the more you do it the better product experience you will have.