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Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filter

Way back in our college days, our starving student budgets meant we were well acquainted with low-end liquors. Nowadays we’re buying liquors with a little more refinement. Sure this means forking out some extra cash, but it’s worth it to be drinking something which doesn’t taste like toilet bowl cleaner.

Little did we know, with a personal liquor filter, we could have turned all that cheap shitty booze into something actually drinkable.

The Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filter is the philosophers stone of drinking, capable of turning unappealing brands like Georgi, Gordon’s, and Palo Viejo into pure alcoholic gold.

It works sort of like a water filter, except the filtration material is specifically designed to filter alcohol. To use it, just stick your cheap booze in one end, an empty bottle in the other, invert the whole thing and wait for your booze to trickle through, leaving its dissolved organic particles behind. Each filter can purify up to 50 liters of any type of liquor, enough to last you a long while (and if it isn’t, please consider AA) and replacement filters are just $12.95.

The upshot of this is that by removing the impurities in poorly-made liquors, you can drastically improve their taste. If your plans for the evening require primo hooch, you can filter the same batch multiple times for better results, making your cheap swill comparable with a top-shelf brand. And since the stuff you’re filtering out is a major factor in headaches and nausea, your purified liquor is less likely to leave you with a hangover.