The Amazing Vodka Diet

The answer to your weight loss seesaw nightmare is here!!!

By tapping into the extensive knowledge and anecdotal hyperbole of Russian Strippers, Hollywood Starlets and those taut, tanned homeless we are proud to introduce the Gray Kangaroo Vodka Diet. We ought to guarantee you that you will lose pounds, sweat inches and shed sizes on our diet but since we think that you’ll lose so much weight on our diet we just can’t guarantee how much you’ll lose! But you could stand to lose a lot of weight.

The secret is in the drinking! With a normal diet you drink dozens of different types of beverages, from root beer to actual beer to milkshakes to White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, but each of these drinks is loaded with calories and carbs. With the Outrageous Gray Kangaroo Vodka Diet you’ll drink only vodka, ice and coffee! No more sugary-sweet orange juice or toxifying diet cola, imagine the simplicity that you will add to your life by cutting these “clutter beverages” out of your life.

The core of the Vodka Diet is Thin. By drinking Vodka you thin your blood and thin blood = a thin you!

Of course the main thing that has stood in the way of adopting the Vodka Diet as a lifestyle was cost, it has always been too expensive to subsist exclusively on Vodka for anyone except the well-heeled glitterati and heiresses: UNTIL NOW! That’s right with the revolutionary Liquor Filtering Technology of the Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter you too can drink the drinks and have the body of the rich and famous!

Now a doctor might not recommend this diet but shit pal I’m no doctor!

It’s time to stop being robust, it’s the moment to turn your pumpkin ass into a apple bottom, today is the day to quit expensive diets that cause unknown harm to your body and start a diet that causes calculable harm to your body! Everybody knows how bad liquor is for your body, who can say that about frozen grapes or something Chuck Norris sells?!

So the time is now, don’t wander the internet any more looking for a solution. This is your solution!!! Go to and buy a Gray Kangaroo! Then you’ll have a few days to plan your Diet Drinking Extravaganza!

Good luck and remember: Don’t Think Thin, Drink Thin!