Press Release: Refills For Life

-For Immediate Release

–Gray Kangaroo Offers Refills For Life

Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filters the inventors and pioneers of personal liquor filtration technology have begun the “Refill For Life Program”, now users of the product will receive free replacement cartridges in perpetuity.

The cartridge on a Gray Kangaroo lasts for 50 liters. It’s an impressive product life that is made more exciting by the fact that the product pays for itself after filtering just three bottles of liquor.

This revolutionary program is projected save the average GK owner $40 in refills every two years and marks a definitive milestone in the company history of Gray Kangaroo.

“Once the GK4 came out and was perfect, we set our sights towards other ways we could improve our business model,” says Tornado Jack the avuncular kangaroo-spokesman. “Our best marketing is through word of mouth. Our most engaged customers buy an average of two filters per year. We decided that it was a better business model to cultivate even more enthusiasm in our consumer base.”

“Rather than look at an owner as a revenue stream we recognize that a satisfied customer is the best promotion that you can get. We decided to increase the value of the product. The Gray Kangaroo is already unbelievable, we wanted it to be overwhelming unbelievable, and now it is! By giving our customers an excellent experience we save money on marketing and can pass on the savings, it’s a boozy circle!”

“The Gray Kangaroo was intended to be a stand alone item” explains Nick Esposito, co-inventor of the Gray Kangaroo. “When we originally designed the Gray Kangaroo it was low cost, super powerful alternative to a water pitcher. Outside of the troublesome logistics of filtering liquor with a water pitcher, if you filter a lot of liquor, the pitcher will quickly fail. Their filters suck cause they want to sell as many replacement cartridges as possible. So when we first created the Gray Kangaroo the idea was, you don’t have to replace this, it’s much more powerful, when it’s done, just throw it out, it will last 10-20 times longer than a water pitcher for liquor”

That was the plan but the Gray Kangaroo team soon found out that consumers were conditioned to want a replaceable cartridge in a filter, no matter the cost. “The number one comment we got with the GK2 was ‘how do I change the filter?’. People said they wouldn’t buy a filter without a replaceable cartridge, it didn’t matter to them if a replaceable cartridge unit cost significantly more, that’s what people wanted. They were trained by the water pitcher companies, who rip everybody off.”

So Gray Kangaroo designed and marketed their first “replaceable cartridge unit”, the GK3, but they didn’t raise the price. “We felt that $29.95 was a good price point for our product and though we lost some money in the margin we didn’t want to raise the price because it’s supposed to be an accessible product. The problem was that we were now in the business of selling replaceable cartridges, just like the water pitcher companies who we hate, the whole process was just so wasteful. We realized that with some careful machining that we can reuse the plastic shell and send the carbon back to the manufacturer for recycling. It closes the loop and keeps us in touch with the user. Like Jack says ‘it’s a boozy circle’”

With some major changes to the business model and upgrades to the assembly line; Gray Kangaroo was able to offer Refills For Life, but not without their detractors. Nick explains: “We’ve had investors who think that Gray Kangaroo should concentrate on the refill market and we’re like ‘that’s so twentieth century’ we’re not here to rip people off, the whole point of the Gray Kangaroo is to save people lots of money and make their lives better.”

Tornado Jack warmly explains from his fuzzy headpiece, “We’re in the better position [than the water pitcher companies] of having a large untapped market; we don’t have to rip people off like they do. If every happy customer gets us two more customers, we’re in great shape.” Gray Kangaroo takes advantage of the consumer enthusiasm with their affiliate program (amusingly called Boozecash) which pays GK owners for sales leads they generate. “The reason this works is that there are no unhappy Gray Kangaroo owners! It’s a great product!” Phone- 215-235-5603