Drink-A-Que with the Phenomenauts, AKAs and Maldroid

GK sponsored a Drink-A-Que for the guys before their show at the 941 Theater and premiered our new Vodka Diet Drink which we would call “Leprechaun Piss” but there’s already a drink called that, so we had another name, but forgot it. Do you remember it?

Anyway the drink is great the recipe is:

Filtered Vodka
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit
Blended Mint

When we served it it was on the back porch out of a big plastic jug so we used regular grapefruit juice in addition to the fresh squeezed stuff and loads more vodka to make larger servings, but in a bar or at home it would be served as a martini. It’s a very nice drink, like a vodka Mojito with no sugar!

Check out the pics on our Flickr