It’s all true! 100% Real Testimonials!

It’s a shame that we have to say this but OUR TESTIMONIALS ARE %100 REAL!!!!
Unfortunately we live in a world of sneaky sock-puppets and free online pamphlets on how to
market your product virally by pretending to be some hillbilly from Connecticut or a math teacher from Georgia who loves to rave about products on message boards. Well we don’t have time for that bullshit here!

All of our testimonials are %100 real, sure there’s some stock photography on the testimonials page (we all wish we felt as happy as these goddam people look) but the testimonials are real. Maybe we cleaned up spelling or grammar but shit pal this is the real dope. Because the Gray Kangaroo is awesome.

It’s a shame we have to but just to illustrate that there’s not one inch of deceit or wormy internet gorilla marketing behind the testimonials page we make you this pledge. If you doubt a testimonial we will prove it’s authenticity to you or we will eat your fuckin’ hat!!!!!

And while we’re on the subject lets highlight some genius edgy ground-breaking wild marketing stolen directly from US! The people behind this campaign came up with the wild idea to showcase the quality of vodka by having people spit out the bad vodka in disgust…. from us!
We’ve been spitting vodka for years! We had so much vodka spitting on our site that we took a bunch of it off because it was gross. imagine how much the ad agency got paid by Pradva to rip off GK marketing. I guarantee that it’s more than GK has ever put into marketing! We came up with vodka spitting for free! OMG what a shock the campaign is based in Philla, our home base?!!!? Whoda thunk!

Buy a Gk and drink some cheap vodka without spittin!