GK Press Coverage: Boozemonger

Among their 12,000 drink recipes, you’ll find this cool write up.

The Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter – Posted:

Square One Organic VodkaThe Gray KangarooTM is a unique device – it is the world’s first and only personal liquor filterTM. It filters inexpensive liquor and gives it qualities of more expensive liquor by removing the impurities which cause bad taste and hangovers.

The Gray KangarooTM is a foot-long carbon filter that works like the elementary school science project where you attached a pair of bottles together with a plastic piece to create a “tornado”. The Gray Kangaroo replaces the plastic piece between the two bottles and contains a replaceable carbon filter. The filtering action removes unwanted organic particles left over from the distilling process which cause the off-taste, headaches and hangovers associated with inexpensive liquor. Originally invented in 2001, the latest version (GK4) works with all hard liquors and is particularly effective for vodka which can be repeatedly filtered up to four times for optimum taste and quality. One GK4 will filter up to 50 liters of liquor and costs $29.95 at Gray Kangaroo. A life time supply of carbon filter refills costs $19.95.