What is the Gray Kangaroo?

The Gray Kangaroo™ is the world’s first and only personal liquor filter™. It filters inexpensive liquor and gives it qualities of more expensive liquor by removing the impurities which cause bad taste and hangover.

How does the Gray Kangaroo work?

The Gray Kangaroo™ filter removes unwanted organic particles left over from the distilling process. These particles are common in inexpensive liquor because it has been processed less than more expensive liquors. These particles cause the off-taste associated with inexpensive liquor. They also get into your blood and cause you to get a headache, prematurely nauseated and are major contributors to a hangover.

Every time liquor is filtered with the Gray Kangaroo™ its quality will improve. The Gray Kangaroo™ works like a sieve on a microscopic level. Imagine the Gray Kangaroo™ filter material as having golf ball sized holes in it and the particulate mater as the size of a softball.

Why don’t liquor companies do this?

The Gray Kangaroo™ uses the same technology that liquor companies use to filter their liquor. The real difference is just how much a particular company processes their liquor.

When you pay for liquor you are paying for two things: processing and advertising. Processing is relatively easy but why would a liquor company take that extra step unless they were going to pay for the costly advertising to let the public know that their product is above standard? They are not.

Until the Gray Kangaroo™ the consumer had only two choices expensive brand name liquor or liquor that competes on price. The Gray Kangaroo™ gives you the ability to choose how good you want your liquor to be.

How do I use the Gray Kangaroo™?

The Gray Kangaroo™ is a bottle to bottle system. It requires an empty bottle to use. If you don’t have an empty bottle don’t worry! Once you have a GK all you will have is empty bottles. It takes 5-7 minutes to filter a liter of liquor with the he GK. You can filter liquor multiple times for optimum effect.

Click here to see how the Gray Kangaroo™ is used.

How did you think of this? What is the history of the invention of the Gray Kangaroo?

The Gray Kangaroo is the result of years of experience in the world of Entertainment Sports Drinking and Promotions. We used to do a game show where people drank as part of the show so we got to see many people drink a lot in a short period in a “controlled” environment. We noticed that when we used cheap liquor people got sick way faster than more expensive liquor.
Once we understood that there was an actual chemical difference between cheap and expensive liquor we began experimenting with different filters. We used water filters, fish tank charcoal, lots of plastics that dissolved, PVC pipes, mylar pipes, it was basically a few years of experimenting and drinking questionable and tainted liquid. We handmade the GK1 which was basically a PVC pipe filled with fishtank charcoal. We used that to prove the concept by serving thousands of drinks (many backstage at the Van’s Warped Tour). Then we moved to Philadelphia, built a shop, and began manufacturing the GK2 which was a re-purposed industrial filter hammered together with some other plumbing supplies and covered in thick industrial heat shrink. It was very labor intensive but it worked good and sold well. Based on that success we traveled to Turkey and had our first mass produced unit the GK3 manufactured. After we sold the batch of GK3s we improved the design and launched the GK4. The GK concept was first discovered in 2001 and all these years later we are still going as a company that is proud to have been totally financed by sales and not by investors or corporate money.

Does the GK lower the alcohol content of the liquor?

No the alcohol content and potency remains the same however the liquor is much less detectable (just like super-premium liquor) because so many of the impurities in it are removed.

I’ve been told that the GK makes hangovers a thing of the past. Is this true?

Basically yes. Everybody’s body is different so we can’t guarantee across the board that you won’t wake up with a hangover. But we can say that in our extensive testing we have had incredibly positive results on the morning after.

The main improvements on the morning after are a lack of headache, nausea and dizziness. Certainly we can say that compared to what you would feel like if you drank the same amount of unfiltered low cost liquor you’ll feel much better.There are certain realities about liquor and alcohol which you just can’t escape. Alcohol dehydrates you and drains your body of vitamins. You may feel drained in the morning it’s nothing compared to what you would feel like if the liquor was unfiltered.

What’s inside?

It’s no secret that the Gray Kangaroo is a carbon filter. However what people don’t commonly know is that we use the highest quality, strongest grade carbon available on the market. Due to our wish to make the safest, cleanest product possible the GK uses only liquor-safe plastic, stainless-steel screens and filter material in our product. No dangerous dissolvable membranes, no questionable plastics or anything else that can be ruined by liquor or promote bacterial growth is found in the GK.

What kinds of liquor does the Gray Kangaroo™ work with?

Does the Gray Kangaroo™ only work with vodka?

Though many people would say that it works best with vodka The Gray Kangaroo™ works with all hard liquors. Tequila, Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Moonshine, etc.

All cheap liquors share a very distinct bad taste. It is this “cheap liquor taste” that the Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor filter removes. Allowing you to sip cheap liquor without wincing.

How much better does it make liquor taste?

The Gray Kangaroo™ changes the liquor so completely that it is common in taste tests for people to enjoy the GK filtered shot of liquor and spit out the same liquor when they try it unfiltered.

When you filter vodka with the GK you can filter it multiple times, easily bringing the quality of well vodka above the quality of premium vodka.

How do I change the filter?

Unscrew the neck and screw it onto the new filter. Don’t screw it too tight just enough that the O-ring has a snug seal. Make sure that the top and bottom necks go back onto the top and bottom and don’t get switched. You’re done.

How long does a GK4 filter cartridge last?

The GK4 will last for at least 50 liters of liquor.If you take for granted that it takes a $8 bottle of liquor and makes it roughly equivalent to a $25 bottle of liquor (GK filtered liquor beats liquors that cost much more than $30 in taste tests) then the GK pays for itself in savings after just 2 bottles.

What brands of liquor do you recommend filtering?

First off you should start with vodka. Once you’ve filtered some vodka you’ll get an idea for the strength of the filter and be clued into the “cheap booze bite” that the filter removes. You should always save some unfiltered liquor to gauge how much difference the filter makes.

Once you’ve filtered some vodka then you should try some other liquors. The perfect amount of filtering is up to you but what we try to go for is retain as much of the liquors flavor and remove as much of the “cheap booze bite” as possible.

We’ll keep a list of suggested brands but the rule we generally stick to is buying the second or third cheapest liquor in a particular class. So if there’s a $6 bottle of vodka then you will probably want to buy the $8 bottle. Cause the CHEAPEST booze is usually really really bad. So spend the extra buck or two, you’re still saving lots of cash vs. the name brands.

Suggested types or brands of liquor:

Georgi Vodka (filter cheap vodka 4-6 times)

Kamchatka Vodka

Jacquin’s Vodka

Jacquin’s Vodka (100 proof)


Devil Springs

Crown Ruse Vodka

Ten High Whiskey

Old Crow Bourbon

Darker Rums (filter it till it’s a shade or two lighter, but still tastes like rum)

Early Times Whiskey (filtered twice, kept it’s color and taste. The GK changed the the repugnant aftertaste to a warm finish)

Got suggestions for this list? Email us…

Why does my whiskey turn clear when I run it through the Gray Kangaroo?

Whiskey is a loose term which liquor companies abuse. Many a cheap whiskey is barely whiskey at all. Look on the bottle you will usually see something like contents: 20% Whiskey %80 neutral spirits. That means that the booze is %20 whiskey and %80 vodka mixed together with coloring added. In this case the GK is filtering out the coloring. We advise avoiding these kinds of liquor for use with the GK. If you’re looking for a good whiskey to filter we have had very good results with Ten High whiskey. Ten High keeps its color and the whiskey taste while massively reducing the cheap booze taste.

How much money will I save with the Gray Kangaroo?

Here are the published PA state liquor prices from April 2007:

Brand Per liter Cost Percentage
Recommended Generic Vodka $7 %100
Smirnoff $14 %200
Absolut $21 %300
Stoli $22 %314
Belvidere $31 %443
Chopin $41 %586


How much money will you save? Prices based on 750ml bottle size.

High Quality


Budget Price


Bottles Filtered Savings
1 $12
2 $24
3 $36
4 $48
5 $60
6 $72
7 $84
8 $96
9 $108
10 $120
15 $180
20 $240
25 $300
30 $360
40 $480
50 $600

How is the Gray Kangaroo different than a commercially available water filter?

GK uses filtration materials which are far superior to what you will find in a water filter. By partnering with carbon suppliers who specialize in providing carbon for industrial filtration we are able to jam the GK with carbon that is a much higher grade and strength than anything you will find in a water filter. GK also uses many times more filter material than a water filter.

Also our filter material is optimized for liquor. Water filters use a variety of filter materials, some of them improve liquor while others (which eliminate chlorine, lead and other hazards in tap water) do nothing for liquor and only waste space. Also some filters use plastics and silica which are dissolved by hard liquor and end up making your drink taste like crazy glue.

Most importantly the GK is designed to easily filter liquor multiple times and built to be rugged enough to be used by a group of heavy drinkers. Also it will outlast a water filter BY MONTHS due to the massive amount and high quality of filter material we use.

Didn’t Mythbusters “bust” this?

We haven’t seen the segment and couldn’t find it on the internet. But from what we can figure out Mythbusters did a piece on filtering liquor with a water filter and concluded that it kinda worked but was too expensive and bothersome to be worth it, which is the truth! That’s WHY we invented the Gray Kangaroo. They should have contacted us and featured the GK but their show is called “Mythbusters” and not “Basic Cable Advertises The Best Miracle Product Ever”, so we think we know why they ignored the GK. We challenge Mythbusters to try and bust us! You can’t bust the kangaroo, because it’s awesome.

Can you use it with malt liquor, beer or wine?

No, the Gray Kangaroo is designed for hard liquor. You could run beer and wine through the GK but the taste wouldn’t improve. The beer would taste flat and the taste of the wine would be off. The reason for this is that beer and wine are more complex chemically than hard liquor, they have additional elements in them which are trapped in the filter.

Wine update: We have had positive feedback from a person who filtered cheap wine with a GK. She filtered half of the bottle using only one pass through the GK and then mixed the two portions of wine together. She said that the taste of the wine was much improved. Also some friends in SF filtered two bottles of inexpensive white wine and said one bottle tasted better after filtering and one tasted worse.

Can I run other liquids through the filter? Liquids like orange juice, cola and water?

No, like beer and wine, juice and soft drinks are much “dirtier” than hard liquor and might clog your filter. You could put water through the Gray Kangaroo, it’s much more powerful than l water filter, but who drinks water?
Isn’t it dangerous that the GK removes the taste of alcohol to such a degree that it is, as you claim in your advertising, “virtually undetectable” in a mixed drink?

Alcohol is a dangerous substance. Filtered liquor with less taste is no different chemically than expensive liquor with less taste.

Can I pour rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or lighter fluid through the Gray Kangaroo™ and drink it?



Can I pour rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or lighter fluid through the Gray Kangaroo™ and drink it?
Can I pour rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or lighter fluid through the Gray Kangaroo™ and drink it?

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