Personal Liquor Filters

What is the Gray Kangaroo™?

The Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter was invented in 2001 as a means of providing high quality cheap booze for large groups of people.
The Gray Kangaroo will save you money, guaranteed! It uses the same technology that the liquor companies use to improve their product.

The Gray Kangaroo works with all pre-packaged hard liquors: vodka, whiskey, rum, gin,tequila, etc. Most people agree that it works best with vodka. What it does is remove particulate matter and harmful toxins while leaving delicious filtered liquor.

Filtered liquor (especially vodka) is competitive with brands that cost three times the price.

Try it: you will be amazed and never go back to high priced booze. Our customers aren’t customers they’re fans! Even if you believe in this product you have no idea how cool it is until you try it!

We are currently selling the GK4 model of the Gray Kangaroo which is the ultimate in Personal Liquor Filtration.

Hop in the pouch, with the Gray Kangaroo!

Gray Kangaroo Quick Facts

  • The filter works for all types of hard liquors including: vodka, grain alcohol, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, etc.
  • One filter works for at least 50 liters of liquor before it needs to be replaced.
  • The GK is made of only liquor safe materials.
  • One GK filter pays for itself after the first three bottles filtered.
  • The Gray Kangaroo does not reduce alcohol content.

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